You are creating a campaign in Facebook and need to set a budget for the campaign. You are using Google Ads and your CPA is $5. You want to maximize your return on investment but your competitors have higher CPAs. You don’t know which ad format to use to increase your ROI. With Performance Planner, you can create a marketing plan in minutes and get results quickly. We have a sample performance report for your review.

You can create a plan by entering in data from previous campaigns and combining them. Then, you can compare the results. The Performance Planner’s draft plan page displays a summary of your campaign’s results. The campaign side table and forecast graph help you compare your campaigns. The comparison button will show you how well your current strategy is performing in terms of cost and conversions. The comparison feature will show you how well your plan is performing against other competitors.

The draft plan page displays the metrics for each campaign. Each metric is broken down into three categories. The summary page shows nine figures for each campaign. The forecast graph is the most important. It lets you control overall spend. It also shows the performance of your entire campaign. The individual campaign forecast table allows you to see the impact of your changes. The comparison button lets you compare the results against other campaigns. Besides the summary page, Performance Planner also provides a comparison button.

The Performance Planner also includes five modules that focus on other aspects of managing people in your business. For example, the Leadership module requires managers to create a development plan for themselves and other managers. Succession planning allows you to determine the go-to-market strategy for your employees. In addition, you can create a development plan for individual employees. If your business relies on Google Ads, it is important to create a forecast that is accurate and reliable.

The Performance Planner also enables you to create a draft plan for each campaign. The draft plan page displays graphs and tables, including a comparison button. The individual campaign forecast table lets you adjust each campaign’s budget. By comparing different plans, you can see which ones are more effective. Then you can compare them and decide which one works best for your business. So, why should your business use performance planner?

The Performance Planner also validates budgets with other vendors. You can then decide which approach will work best for your business. The tool is available free of charge. It helps businesses plan for their go-to-market strategy. This way, you can make informed decisions about your advertising campaigns. Ultimately, the performance of your campaigns will be influenced by the accuracy of your forecast. If you want to maximize your ROI, you should use the Performance Planner.

The Performance Planner is a powerful tool for ad campaign strategy. The tool automatically generates detailed reports on each campaign and predicts its performance over time. Its financial forecasts allow you to make action plans based on the data. Having accurate information about the performance of your campaigns is crucial when it comes to marketing. If you are not sure how to spend your ad budget, it will make you lose money.

The Performance Planner has five modules to manage the people in your business. Each module focuses on a different aspect of managing people. In the Leadership module, managers are required to develop their development plan. The Succession Planning module is for managers to make sure the next generation of managers has an accurate forecast. Lastly, the Performance Planner is an excellent resource for marketing and sales teams. Its recommendations are validated by machine learning.

Performance Planner is a comprehensive tool that helps managers develop and implement an ad campaign. It is a great way to optimize your marketing budgets. It uses the account history of the people in your business to make forecasts. It is also a great way to analyze your competition. In addition to ad performance, the Performance Planner also helps you manage your people. If you have a high-performing team, you can optimize your sales strategies.