In order to increase your earnings on the Internet on freelancing tenfold, it is enough just to HTTP Proxys kaufen.

The advantage of this program is that no one can track your actions on the Internet, because your IP address will be hidden even from the site owner. For this reason, scammers often use this function, which does not allow the police to track their actions on the black market of earnings.

But the proxy server can also be used in the white market of earnings. Here are some tips and areas of use to increase earnings.

  1. Earnings on the books

Booklets are sites where you can earn money by watching ads, passing tests and performing other simple tasks. You don’t need any knowledge or work skills.

Due to the fact that the proxy allows you to hide your identity, the task can be performed several times, which will increase earnings.

  1. Freelance

For example, a proxy server can be used when you need to send several thousand requests to Google and analyze them. So, you can find out how many people are looking for a particular product per month and how they create their own queries.

If you do this without a proxy server, then you must observe certain time intervals, otherwise the system will ban you. This will not happen with the proxy server.

  1. Social networks

Proxies can be used for marketing purposes to increase demand for your product.

You create several accounts in social networks, with the help of which you give an affiliate link to a product and talk about its advantages yourself.

In this case, the scale effect will work. If only 1 person wrote about the benefits, then the promotion strategy would not work. And if the user sees a few positive reviews, he will be interested in the product.

With proxy servers, you can increase your earnings on freelancing, as well as promote your own business.