Suppose you have your own small stable in a small town. In addition to horses, there may also be ponies, donkeys, camels. It’s a great way to make money!

A simple rental for those who know how to ride a horse

This is the most common way to earn money. Group riding in the fields with an instructor or on the arena under supervision. If experience and knowledge allow, then a simple rental, only with training, is usually more expensive.

Importance of preparation

It should be remembered that you provide not only a horse for rent, but also the necessary equipment. If for a non-professional a simple saddle, helmet and stirrups will do, then for an athlete it is worth buying real safety stirrups, which are distinguished by an increased degree of protection during a fast race in any weather on any terrain. The foot lies comfortably in the stirrup, does not slip and does not fall out. The stylish design goes with any outfit, and the muted tones go with any color.

Carriage riding

Not everyone can afford this method, you need to have a carriage. Preferably beautiful. You can present a ride to children in the park, in a circle or in a pre-selected route. In the carriage – weddings, birthdays or other events are always “on order”.

Horse hike

You don’t have to live in the mountains to do this. You can also go on a hike in a suburban area for a few days. For example, a riding group rides along forest paths, and all provisions and things are transported on the same carriage along highways to a halt.

Sale of manure

 To do this, you only need to have horses and bags. If there are villages nearby and all sorts of lovers to delve into the beds, manure will always be in demand.